Greg McGregor | About
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About Me

For over 30 years, Greg McGregor has been a sought after technology wizard. In his 20’s, he Invented Pre-Paid Wireless, and was secretly tracked down by the US Government to create internal technology to work with cellular phones and wireless networks. When he asked, “How did you find me?” The Government simply said, “We are the US Government…it’s our mission is to find the best.”

With the reputation of being at least five years ahead of technology, Greg’s focus is Live Streaming, of which he is amused is lacking his touch. Combined with his vast experience of far more than mobile app development, Greg has paired his genius with the ability to raise over $30 Million in start-up funds resulting in over $500 million in revenue.

By the age of 12, Greg was already being touted “boy genius..”

and compensated for creating security software for a myriad of companies. By the time he was 16, he was building cellular rental systems for multiple wireless companies. His long history of inventions, patents, and discoveries may have molded his career, but since Greg is a techno-visionary, each marveled at invention still makes him feel as if he is merely “just getting started”.

Greg’s mobile technology and large multi-protocol Internet distributed networking infrastructure systems resulted in an over 20 million subscriber mobile applications. Mr. McGregor invented, built and deployed pre-paid wireless (Pay N Go) through Europe in the 1990s which made him the first developer to ever be granted access to all major network providers in the world. His inventions have resulted in user interface that many countries predominantly use today. Greg’s ‘Pay N Go’ application became the first application ever to be built within cellular phones.

Mr. McGregor has architected, designed and implemented not only large Content Delivery Networks and Back End Servers, but also satellite networks with Laurel Space Systems and iBeam broadcasting. His innovations have also ventured into a plethora of futuristic technology that is currently being deployed into the various marketplaces including biometric technology, intelligent video, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

For those who are not tech-savvy, this can be compared to the mind of Einstein, and what comes to mind when we sport the phrase “rocket scientist”.