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Who Should Use Megafone?



For families, it’s about connecting with each other whenever needed, whether that means making plans, getting picked up, checking locations or when your safety is threatened.   It’s also about being prepared for roadside assistance, natural disasters, medical emergencies or school safety situations to instantly check in with each other: status, location and private messaging.


College Students

For college students, it’s about improving personal safety, getting help in uncomfortable or dangerous situations without calling or texting, letting others track your location as you’re heading out or returning late at night.  It’s about coordinating with friends socially and when making plans – more private than using large social networks and more integrated than texting.



At work, it’s a great way to communicate last minute staffing needs – filling an opening more efficiently than ever while saving lots of time and hassles.  It’s also about staying connected on important issues with your coworkers, communicating scheduling and meeting location changes through private group messaging, and keeping track of everyone’s location effortlessly when it really matters.

Group coordination that really works!    And it’s FREE.


How is Megafone better?

  • Personal Safety. Many serious situations prevent you from calling or texting for help because of time or noise. Megafone can be a life-saver because it can alert others with both your situation and location with just One Tap, silently connecting others to respond as a group.
  • Location. Instead of asking common questions like “Where are you?” or “Are you OK?” with texting or calling, Megafone gets it done with One Tap. Less typing and automatic cross-platform location sharing. It’s also more private than 24/7 location “stalking” apps because we share locations only when needed to solve a problem.
  • Efficiency and Privacy. Megafone lets you locate and privately message with any group of people at any time… with just One Tap. Because it’s separate from texting, your alerts and messages get noticed.
  • Shared Group Lists. Create as many groups as you want and distribute each group list to all its members automatically. Then, anyone can alert or coordinate with other group members when needed.
  • Major Emergencies. Coordinating family, friends and coworkers for roadside assistance, or during a natural disaster, campus-wide security problem, neighborhood watch situation, school alert or medical emergency can be difficult using email, text or phone calls. Megafone connects everyone. Instant alert. Instant locations. Private group messaging. Cross-platform. All with one tap.